Cardinalus’ business is focused on enhancing is clients business value through the incorporation of location technologies.

For recreation, I enjoy flyfishing.  So when I saw how Cheeky Fly Fishing was using maps to help explain the range of fishing reels they offer, I was intrigued.

Cheeky offers a number of fishing reels to suit different fishing environments.  Those environments are location dependent so they use a clever map to illustrate where the reels are best suited – from the mountain streams and ponds, to larger rivers and eventually the open ocean.  By sliding the mouse over the various product labels different regions of the map are highlighted to illustrate the preferred zone for each reel.

Cheeky Reels

The application is effective but certainly not advanced in terms ofdata handling and representation. However it caused me to think about other applications companies might consider to more effectively illustrate their product and service offerings.

A few quickly came to mind:

  • a product manufacturer with a diverse product offering and an extensive distribution network could illustrate on a map both location of distributors but also which of their product line each distributor offers;
  • a retail business with multiple stores within a city or region could leverage real time inventory management and mapping to illustrate which products are available in various store outlets

Those are just a start.  The point is that spatial representation of your company’s product and service data can benefit your customer’s experience.  And that’s a good thing.