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Going Off Location – Gowalla

Today it was announced that Gowalla was going off location.

Gowalla was acquired by Facebook last December and clearly the new owners have plans for the technology that don’t include a standalone application.  Facebook will leverage much of the technology and knowledge into its own location services.  Gowalla was one of the first location sharing services along with Foursquare.






GoGeomatics is leading the charge in bringing together the geomatics community in Canada.  While the company’s initial focus has to serve as a bridge between people and job opportunities in the geomatics sector, they are doing much more to promote the Canadian geomatics industry.  Their most recent articles have shone the light on women in the industry providing valuable insights into careers, challenges and opportunities facing women in our business.  Check out their new website – they are developing as an important platform for people and companies in the Canadian geomatics sector.