I came across a very nice Google mashup today.  There are so many of them out there but this one caught my attention for a number of reasons – both from a personal and technical interest standpoint.

Lindsay Wright has created a website called Tidespy that provides tide  and solar information for tidal stations in many countries.

From a technical standpoint some of the interesting things he has built into the site include:

  • the incorporation of dynamic data (both tide and solar information) into a mashup environment
  • information rich pop up windows with user control of which data to view
  • simple user tools to modify how the data is presented
  • tools that allow users to customize the how information is presented and search tools for finding specific locations
  • nifty little location markers which at the local level show whether the tide is rising or falling and change color in accordance with the tide level

Tidespy shows that it is possible to create an attractive, interesting and informative mapping application with readily available mapping tools.